there are different kind of elements in the world. Without them we cannot survive. What are is on of the most important element. We cannot survive without water.  We call it the need of life. And we cannot bring any life without water. That’s why water is the most important element in the environment.Water Resources Planning Organization Job Circular helps it for good.

We use it in various ways in our daily life. We start our day by splashing water to our face. Then we drink tea take our food and go to work. We use a lot of water during the whole day. Then in the evening we also take tea snacks  can drink water. Before bedtime we also drink water. We take our bath with water. We become clean with water. And we also clean cloth by this.

We plan a tree and give it water. Because without it that plant cannot grow up. Think about other animals, they also cannot live without water. They drink water too.  They also use water as we do. So we can call water the most important thing. So it’s an asset to our environment. And that’s why we need to  protect it.

We can find water under the soil,  river,  from the rain etc. But here is the problem. We need power to bring up water from the soil. So we are wasting power for water. Again we can collect water from the river. We also need power to extract  water. That’s why the water should not be wasted. If we waste water that mean we are wasting the powers too. There are many places where is no water. And there are many places to who are under water almost every year.

To cope with the water problem in our country there is an organisation. We call it water resources planning organisation. Did organisation make sure that no one is wasting water. They prevent to waste it by the nature too. This is a huge organisation. Website requires a lot of Manpower for  working. And they are looking for new post.

You can find the job circular in the website as well as our website too at here: ALLNEWSBD.COM

Organization Name: Water Resources Planning Organization
Apply Mode: post office
Total Vacancy: 06
Age Limit: 18-30 Years
Post Title: see the circular
Application Fee: 500 BDT
Official website:

Water Resources Planning Organization Job Circular


Job published on: 02 October 2020

Deadline: 25 October 2020

Water Resources Planning Organization Job Circular

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