The test method. AM Parvez Rahim said that the quality of the question will improve even if the primary teacher’s assistant and pre-primary assistant teacher recruitment exams are for the past year.

In the earlier written examination, questions from the secondary level will be questioned even though from higher secondary level. A total of 100 marks will be conducted with 80 written and oral exams of 20. The written test will be conducted in many electoral or mcc methods. The questions will be asked in Bangla, English, Math and General Knowledge – these four issues. There will be a total of 80 MBCQ questions in each subject. The value of each question is 1. Warning, negative marking does not change in the distribution of humanities, but it is being launched negative marking. Can be cut for a wrong answer 0.25 number. As a result, answering four questions, you can cut the number 1. So it is not fair to answer any questions. Many times the correct answer is known, but when the circle is filled, it is inadvertently wrong answer. This mistake can be avoided only if it is a bit cautious. Mkc will be allocated for the question 80 minutes. That is, each question can be found in one minute. The questions that can be answered easily, must be dazzled at the beginning. Can not waste much time on any question, you have to put difficult questions to answer later. It is better not to blame than guess-based answers. But if you can get two wrong answers out of four options, one of the two can be chosen. Many people are skeptical about what many will answer in the question asked. The first time that seems right, the answer is more likely to be correct! It will be helpful to solve the problems of the past years. You can also check the BCS preliminary exam questions for verification.

Bangla Literature and Grammar: Notable poets-litterateurs need to know about the history of life and literary work, Bangla language and literature. The question comes from the author of stories, poems or novels. In the grammar part, the words, terms, the verb – division, the nature – the suffix, the joints, the masses, the pure spelling will be read. Questions can also come from technical terms, reverse words, twists and turns, in a way. Krishna Adhikari said, there are questions every year from the Joint, Samas, Karak, that they should be prepared to answer the questions as soon as one person sees the question. For this, it is better to learn the lessons and examples of all chapters of ninth-tenth grammar book made by the Board.

English: Must have a clear idea about basic grammar. You should read Preposition, Antonym, Synonym, Parts of Speech, Tense, Spelling, Right forms of verb, Transformation, Voice, Narration. Generally speaking, the question from Spelling, Right forms of verb, Antonym, Synonym comes more. Looking at the question paper exam for the past few years, a good idea will be found. Four from the preposition to the void. Which one is sitting, what is correct in the case of grammar, which is often the question of right indirect speech. You can read basic teacher recruitment guides, professors job solutions and good quality grammar books for practice. And if you practice important words in the book, it will be useful to practice.

Mathematics: Many people take a lot of time to find solutions to mathematics. Be aware of this. Mathematical books from the sixth to the eighth and ninth-tenth class have to be followed in the old curriculum. You should also see HSC level books. Scientific Calculator can not be taken. If you have a simple calculator, it is foolish to use it all the time due to lack of time. Preparation of mathematics should be done in such a way that most of the sums can be solved in the face, it is possible only after repeated practice. Questions can come from interest rates, unitary rules, profit-loss, fraction, shrapnel, and some numbers of the first phase of the algebra. Many times the decimal times, the division is there. The question comes from the general formula and definition of geometry.

General Knowledge: The emphasis on the recent issue comes from Bangladesh’s independence, history of emergence, and national issues. The questions related to South Asia and Asia are seen in the international part. Questions come from sport, international organization, prize, day etc. Questions can come from general science and technology related questions such as various discovery, disease, various food products, computer, information and communication technology. For the preparation of general knowledge, today’s world, MP3s, new worlds can read Krishna Adhikari said that there are more questions from Bangladesh recently. Especially one year’s events in the national and international world will be given more importance. For this reason, general knowledge related to monthly current affairs or current world.

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Oral test: Passed candidates will be called in oral examination only. Dr. AM Parvez Rahim said that there will be 20 marks in the oral examination. There will be 5 marks on academic results or educational qualifications. Extra curriculum (dance, song, acting, recitation) will be allotted on number 5. The remaining 10 numbers will be on general knowledge. For general knowledge, if you have an idea about the area, population, culture, district history, politics etc. of the thana or upazila of the district for general

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