Education is the backbone of a nation.  No one can shine in life without proper education. And a school is called the factory of education. The time has changed. At now we are a civilized and intelligent Nation. We cannot rely on the  home education only because that is not enough. We need primary studies to cope with the illiteracy . That’s why a school plays a very important role.

  School is a place  where we learn the very basic things.  It is the place where we learn the first word. Here We Learn Our first alphabet. This is the place where we start to respect our teachers. We find our first friend in school.

We learn the truthfulness and other great habits in school. A good teacher is an asset. If the teacher is good the student will be more better. A good teacher can change a student for life. A good  teacher should not be only an educated person but also a good person.

 The primary education organisation of Bangladesh is hiring good teachers. The organization is hiring peoples for a lot of posts  on various subject. They will give a good salary of 4th grade. And that is very respectful. a teacher is called the architecture of a nation. So if you want to serve Your Nation you can apply here. If you are worthy you will be qualified. You can apply here directly at .You can also visit our website for this type of information at

 who wants to miss an opportunity like this ?  Good position,  good salary  and good reputation.  What’s more ? That’s what all it takes. Just take a chance and try your luck. Wish you all the best.

Job Location: see the circular

Salary Range: Negotiable

Educational Qualification: See the circular

Primary Education Job Circular

Application Deadline: 27 October 2020


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By Rabby

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