Due to floods, the candidates demanding the closure of the 14th registration test, in many areas and across the country, flooded candidates in flood-prone areas. Because of which normal life journey is hampered. non govt teacher registration Schools in these areas were drowned in the water.

The road has gone down the ghat. The people here can not be finished with grief. Water is increasing day by day. Now they need financial and humanitarian aid as well as medical camps. Human financial and animal birds and crops have suffered extensive damage.

People here are not able to do exactly as well as office and daily activities. Meanwhile, 14 teachers are requested to not check the registration of the registration. Parents and Sucil society of candidates for registration.


non govt teacher registration …


non govt teacher registration…


non govt teacher registration

non govt teacher registration.The 14th registration candidates have claimed that we are dreaming of being a teacher so as to change the date of the examination, we will be given the opportunity to become our teacher. On the other hand, 1-1.2est registered teachers/lecturers told me that the government and ntrca policymakers have asked them to be given a chance to become teachers before them, after the 14th test. They also said that they have filed nearly 100 cases in the High Court, yet NTRCA is still going to take the 14th test. They are asking for the postponement for the 14th time. They also said that the teacher is currently in crisis in the country.

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