We need power for living. You cannot go a single moment without power. Power is everything. There is no life without energy. What we see around us is the different formation of the energy. Even you are reading the article, it needs power too. Without power we are  nothing. The most common form of the energy is the electricity. It is the most used form in the world. We can do anything by the power of electricity. There are various types of power too. Like heat, air, light, magnetic and electromagnetic power. We use different power in different works. Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources Job Circular helps a lot.

 As we know power is a very important thing, we need some medium to produce it. We need for sale to produce heat. Then we use it to heat the water. After that we use the steam for rotating a turbine and we get electricity. Again we used the electricity for rotating our  fans, air conditioners, electric bulb, computer, smartphone  for cooking  etc. But the important thing is we need Fossil for  produce electricity. We have a lot of fossil fuel in our country.

 Everything in the country is our national asset. They are not like the public property. You cannot the simply dig into the soil and  take gas and coal for your own purposes. You are a citizen of the country but you do not have any right of this. To cope with the problem there is an organisation. It is called Ministry of power energy and mineral resources. This organisation plays a very important role for  our country.

 as this is a very big organisation they need a lot of people to  maintaining it. That’s why they are hiring new people for new posts. You can visit the official website for that the circular at here https://www.mpemr.gov.bd/  you can also visit our website for this types of job circular at here ALLNEWSBD.COM

You can find the job type, educational qualification, job location, salary and many other necessary things in the circular !!


Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources Job Circular


Source: Jugantor, 14 October 2020


Application Deadline: 16 November 2020

Source: Jugantor, 14 October 2020

Application Deadline: 16 November 2020

Apply Online Here: bpi.teletalk.com.bd

Visit BPI Website: www.bpi.gov.bd


Application Deadline: 22 October 2020

Apply Online: doexp.teletalk.com.bd

Visit Website: www.explosives.gov.bd

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