Rezaul Karim of the 27th BCS administration cadre said that there is a question about Bengali, English, General Knowledge (Bangladesh and International Affairs), General Science and Technology and Mental Skills and Mathematical Logic in the Preliminary Auditive Examination. Many publishing houses publish preparatory books for the BCS Preliminary Exam.


BCS preliminary guides are available in the market such as Self Assessment, Self Confidence, Professors, Oracle, Selekt, Genuine, MP3, Exclusive. These books are also available for written tests. Bengali language and literature for Bangla subjects, red-blue violet and ninth-tenth class grammar made by the board will be helpful. Apart from this, many more books are available on language, literature and grammar. Books are also available for mental skills and mathematical reasoning. Mathematical books in the seventh, eighth and ninth-tenth class prepared by the board for the preparation of this topic are quite helpful. For the science and technology subjects, the general science books of the seventh, eighth and ninth-tenth class prepared by the board will be useful. You can read today’s world for general knowledge. Apart from this, many books including contemporary world, documentary, current affairs, current world, knowledge world, current world, ongoing world are found in the market.

Job Bankers Recruitment Examination There are some variations in the types of examinations in the bank, but the type of question is usually the same. In the M.C.C.U. section it is usually asked in Bangla, English, Math, General Knowledge, Daily Science, Computer, Analytics Ability and puzzles. And in the written examination, there are questions in mathematics, English and analytical ability. If the editions of class I to XII are read regularly, they will work in preparation. Along with the national daily newspaper, international newspapers like Times, Reader’s Digest, Economics will be read regularly. As well as recent news-based monthly magazines such as Current World, Current Affairs, Current News etc. will be read. Many publications including Oracle, Professors, publish books to solve the questions of public and private bank recruitment exams. Banking activities and review of professors publication key to bank job, A2Z Bank job of BCS publication, Saifur’s bank recruitment job, Mozammel Hossain Khandakar, and Munir Tausif’s finance and trade glossary will be useful.

Primary teacher

It is possible to do good in Bangla, English and Mathematics in primary school teachers recruitment examination if the NCTB has acquired the textbook from the fifth to tenth grade. In addition to textbooks to make good in general knowledge and daily science, daily newspapers should be read regularly. Many books on general knowledge are available to buy in the market. Apart from this, there are many books including Professors, Oracle, Panjari, BCS, Guruhouse, Current, Basic, Internet, Prismam, including the previous teacher’s recruitment examination papers. You can choose one from these books in Assistant Teacher Recruitment Examination in Government Primary School.

Private teacher registration

If you want to join as a teacher in private schools and colleges then now requires registration certificate. To be good in the compulsory part, the eighth to twelfth class must be occupied in the books of Bengali, English, Math, General Knowledge and Social Science. Daily newspapers should be read regularly. Apart from this, there are books on general knowledge that must be read. Many publications including Oracle, Professors, Syllak, BCS have published books of registration for private teachers and lecturers. There are also helpful books for optional subjects for private school teachers and lecturer registration exams. Some publications, including Oracle, Professors, Selelect, have published separate books for thematic preparation.

Appointment of Assistant Judge

Assistant Judge Recruitment (BJS) In the initial verification examination, questions are asked in quiz or mcq. There are questions about Bengali, English, Bangladesh and international affairs, primary mathematics, daily science, law etc. After that it is necessary to take part in written and oral examinations. To do good in Bengali, English and Mathematics, there must be occupation of books from the sixth to twelfth grade. If you do well in Bangladesh and international subjects and everyday science, you should read alongside the textbooks as well as newspapers and magazines. For the preparation of law, the theoretical books in the light of the syllabus of the respected classes must be read well. Several books, including genuine and BJS, are available in the market in the last year’s examination, which are useful in preparing for the exam. Assistant Judge Recruitment Preliminary, Assistant Judge (Essential and Optional Law), etc., to assist in the publication of some helpful book-professors publication assistant judge, BCS publication.

Department of Food

Food Department can recruit specialized food preparation departments for recruitment exams, appointment of Food Department of the publication of preschoolers, appointment of appointment director in the food department of the BCS publication department, Current Publications.

Health workers


Dear viwer i think you see circular carefully and want to apply here.Please apply now for this post other grapt it before.
Health Assistant posts are often recruited. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare also recruits health care providers in community health clinics. The different types of health care test questions are almost the same. The board is helpful in preparing the textbooks of different classes published. In the written test, the MKSU question is asked about Bangla, English, Math, General Knowledge and Daily Science, Information Technology and Computer, Health and so on. To make this test good, NCTB will have good occupation of books from classes VI to XII. Especially in Bangla, English, Math, General knowledge


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