Human being if the greatest creation of the god. We have our body parts and intelligence.  We can move freely. And we can travel anywhere we can. But we need a medium for travelling. That medium could be road, waterways or Airways. From the beginning Road if the most popular medium for travelling. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority BRTA Job Circular helps a lot.

 it is not too hard to make a road. If we talk about the roads there are two types. The good and of course the bad one. We can meet Road our-self with some local hand made material.  and you know they do work open. But most of the time they get washed away. But yeah it is good for local work. And if you wanna talk about the good road you need some good material. You need some giant instrument and machinery. A good road can live up to hundred years. And that what we are talking about.

 Now let’s talk about  vehicle. We have different vehicle for transporting.  we have motorcycle, buses,  private car  and different things. Beside that we have many powerful vehicle like bulldozer, machine truck,  transport vehicle, covered van etc. Now there is a limit for everything. Even the roads have the same. Different road made for different needs. The Highways are made of great and excellent material. You can easily drive heavy things. But on the other hand the local roads are made with low quality material. And they cannot bear the use amount of mass.

 Again if we talk about the safety of the road, the first one comes in our head if the speed limit. Over speeding can causes accident. And that’s why we should mention  speed limit. As we can see we need a good organisation for all of this problem and solution. And that is Bangladesh road and transportation authority.  This is a huge organisation. And they need a lot of people to maintain it. That’s why they are hiring new people for new post. If you think you are old you can apply directly at here you can also visit our website for this type of stuff at ALLNEWSBD.COM

Job Nature                                      : Full time.

Employment Type                         : Government Job.

Education qualification                  : See The Job Circular.

Compensation & benefit                : Please,See The Job Circular.

Age Limit                                        : Please,See The Job Circular.

Experience                                      : Please,See The Job Circular.


Bangladesh Road Transport Authority BRTA Job Circular

Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 21 October 2020

Application Deadline: 29 November 2020

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