Bangladesh electrification board is one of the most important organization.  They provide us with electricity.  We cannot think of a moment without electricity. Electricity is the most used power source in the world.  What we can see around our are mostly powered by electricity.  The importance of the electricity is a lot. Bangladesh Diesel Plant BDP Limited Job Circular Job Circular helps a lot.

The electrification board provide us with most of the electric power in our daily uses.  It is a huge company.  And it requires a lot of workers and officers to maintain their daily  things. That’s why the company is appointing a huge amount of people around the whole country.  This is a very respectful and honorable job.  They need driver building assistant meter reader for the new  post.

 Without electricity we are nothing. We can do some work in the day because of the daylight. Cause you know it giving the light directly. But at night you can not work with just the moonlight. Up again, if you want to light your house up with some fossil fuels it causes a great amount of  carbon dioxide emission. and it is of course a waste of money. You can also say hey man why do we need light at night we can sleep all night without nothing. But have you ever thought who will get house?  You need light for protection. Don’t forget that. That’s why we need electricity all day long 24/7.

We need a power source for electricity. And that is oil. Diesel is the most common form of the natural oil. We can’t think of any vehicles running without oil. No electricity without Generators. No transportation without vehicles and no movement without oil. So mineral oil plays an important role in our everyday life

 who wants to miss an opportunity like this ?  Good position,  good salary  and good reputation.  What’s more ? That’s what all it takes. Just take a chance and try your luck. Wish you all the best

Job Title                                     : See The Image File.
Job Nature                                   : Full time.
Salary                                            : Negotiable
Job’s Location                              : Anywhere in Bangladesh.




Source: Ittefaq, 02 April 2021

Application Deadline: 24 April 2021

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