Age of application for applicants is thirty-five, self-enrollment copy
Dipu Moni said, as the average life expectancy increased, the age of entry into the service could be increased. He expressed his opinion about the reasons raised by the students of different universities to increase the age. At one stage of the discussion, he assured the prime minister about the age of the job.

Age of application for applicants is thirty-five, self-enrollment copy

At the time, a copy of the Age Gazette entry of different countries was shown as an argument for the increase in the job opportunities. It can be seen that in India on January 29, in the West Bengal, on January 29, 32 to 36 of the first-class jobs and 39 years in the second class were done, the entry age in the various provinces is 35-40, the job age is 18 to 45 in Sri Lanka, and from 20 to 59 in the United States. There is no limit on retirement in some countries but there is no retirement limit. As a picture of session jute, the university’s university and national university’s graduate examinations of different world schools and the latest certificate issued by the university were given to him.



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