we are human being. We need somethings for living. Somethings are extremely essential. Like food shelter medical support education  etc.  We cannot survive without this. Of course food is extremely important thing. But you need a place where you can stay. And you need morality for be in a human being. And if you feel sick you need some place where you can be treated. So we call this the Instinct for living. Abul Khair Group New Job Circular 2020 helps a lot.

 There are various types of people. Someone wants a casual life. And someone wants a life with a little bit of Twist. They cannot be satisfied with the regular things we can imagine. They need something more spicy. You know what I mean. There are some people who never touched a cigarette. There are some people who cannot live without them. Even there is one kind of person who take cigarette for  curiosity. For them it like a hobby. But whatever you say man cigarette for some people. Yes you can live but something is missing.

 You cannot produce a cigarette unless you are a maniac. So to feed the whole country we need a big factory for cigarette. And here it is the Abul Khair group. It is one of the largest companies in our country.  They supply more than 50% of our Desi cigarette. This group is very popular. Because they are helpful and they are trustworthy.

Of all the company They are keeping their thinks safely for a lot of  decade.  And there are many branches in our country.  So they need a lot of people to maintain their organization. That’s why they are appointing new people to their group.  They are looking for a chief executive for the organisation.  Which is a very  demanded job at this situation.  So what are you waiting for? apply for the job now at here You can also find this type of job in our website at  all–news bd.com


Abul Khair Group New Job Circular 2020

Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 27 October  2020

Application Deadline: 10 November 2020

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